Independent Brand Fifty Shades of Domination - My True Story by Mistress Miranda

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With her adult websites attracting millions, London's foremost dominatrix has filming commitments worldwide and scores of men at her feet…literally. But Mistress Miranda's early years were hardly easy or glamorous.

Raised on a council estate, Miranda was barely none when a shocking truth emerged. Her 'parents' were actually her grandparents, while her real mother was her beloved big sister - who chose to leave Miranda behind to marry and start a new family.Traumatised, Miranda became a teenage wild child, losing her virginity to two men at just thirteen. Yet far from becoming a victim, she discovered the alluring confidence to dominate men, and in doing so unearthed the depths of her own sexuality.

Elegant and mature, she became a regular on the London club scene - until she overheard her despairing grandmother trying to arrange for her to be taken into care. Outraged at this rejection, the sixteen-year-old left at once.Many young girls, homeless and penniless, would have become lost in drugs and despair. Not Miranda; for a beautiful, business-minded woman, this was the first step for world domination.Fascinating, often amusing, sometimes horrifying, her true story is not only a tribute to the human spirit, but also a light shone in to some of the shadier corners of male sexuality.

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