Nasty Pig Camo Shorts

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Camo Shorts from Nasty Pig. There is not much sexier than a secret. Maybe that’s a reason why camouflage is so enduring in fashion. (Military butchness may also be a factor). Nasty Pig's custom Camo print has more secrets than most. The pattern itself combines sandy desert tones with dry greens, and we have printed it onto summer-weight cotton. It feels crisp, fresh, and subtle. But the big secret is even subtler. There’s a repeating pattern of our logo printed into each of the fabric’s colors. You can’t see it until you get really close – someone standing just a few feet away wouldn’t be able to tell it’s there. It’s a nifty trick, and it’s trademark Nasty Pig. So is the pop of contrasting sky-blue they used on the extensive seaming details and to finish the pockets, the big attitudinal cut, and the bold zippered pockets. It might seem ironic that a camouflage short stands out so effectively – but then, if you wanted to blend

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