Perfect Fit Brand Armour Push Sport Black

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Armour Up Sport's unique design provides stimulation and rigidity without sliding around like other rings. Like the original Cock Armor, it anchors itself to your groin and stimulates the perineum, but with a more streamlined design and more stretch.

This penis ring is made from a proprietary combination of TPR and silicone, named PFBlend(TM). Firmer and less stretchy than SilaSkin(TM), it still is more elastic than TPR and silicone alone. It is durable and should last longer than softer rings.

Armor Up Sport has a little more stretch than the original Cock Armor, but still is among our penis rings with the least give. However, it is durable, so will not rip when pulling over your penis and scrotum. Must be at least semi-erect to put on.

Don't be put off by the design of this of this cock ring! In spite of appearances, it's actually quite comfortable to wear for long stretches of time. Given its design, the Armour Up Sport doesn't work well to enhance the appearance of your bulge.

Perfect Fit's Armour Up Sport comes in either black and clear. Looking for a little more stretch? Check out our storefront for other great cock rings. For enhanced pleasure, we've developed a wide range of other fun toys to go with it!

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