Stockroom Adjustable Blindfold

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Tease and torture your submissive with this high-quality, classic adjustable leather blindfold from Stockroom and Stormy Leather.


Made of soft, supple black leather with a imitation fur lining that won’t irritate those who suffer skin reactions from fleece; this blackout blindfold is perfect for sensation play. The plush lining, combined with a narrow crisscross over the bridge of the nose, provides added comfort while wearing it for a long period of time. The elastic strap is made from a strong synthetic material that won’t stretch out or change form after use. Superior material, craftsmanship and stitching: just what you’ve come to expect from Stormy Leather.


  • 18in/23.9cm Minimum Circumference
  • 25in/63.5cm Maximum Circumference
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